The Travels of Justin's Famous Sports Chickens


This website is a collaborative effort between Justin and Hans, and sometimes we take turns providing commentary, which sounds like one, or the other, or both of us. We discovered that we kinda think with the same brain. Scary.

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Hans brings Justin his first Sports Chicken autographed by the 2003 Stanley Cup Chamopion Detroit Redwings (2003).

Justin and Hans work together on the Chicken Travels website (2007).

Justin's Parents, Mary and Gary, are suckered into a photoshoot with "Chicken Man", Justin, and his 2007 Sports Chickens.

The Origin of Justin’s Famous Sports Chickens

Life has a funny way of tying many seemingly separate people, places, and things together in ways you could never dream of.  In 2000 I moved from Virginia to California.  If someone told me then that in 2003 I’d be flying to Florida for five... + years to deliver rubber chickens signed by sports heroes to my good friend Justin, even I would think that was crazy!  But here we sit chronicling our adventures and creating the website.

Go figure the following “elements of life” combined to get us where we are right now: Muscular Dystrophy Association summer camp, a good friend Joe from Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, a good friend Russell from an Oktoberfest band, a 465 mile bike ride with my big brother Eric, and a cross country flight where “serendipity flight seating” introduced me to my good friend Marianne, who just so happened to be the teacher of children of the 2002 Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Redwings at the time.   The result: A bunch of rubber chickens signed by sports heroes… and a growing sports hero rubber chicken museum.

Got all that?  Good, neither do Justin and I. We’re just trying to explain it the best we can while we remove the cobwebs of years of friendship and piece it all together for this website. We had no idea after the first chicken that delivering a new sports hero chicken once a year would turn into a tradition.  So let’s begin from, well, the beginning… and tie it all together (get ready for the adventure and read on).

And now the story of how Justin’s Sports Chickens came about:

Rubber Chickens and Serendipity

By the way we just spent two (now four) solid days working together on this ( no joke a combined total of about 24 - now 48 - hours over Memorial Day weekend 2006 - and the first week of December 2007). We have discovered that between photo editing, writing, and general site development, that we need to learn A LOT! But our combined brains ( Justin offering the larger portion as Hans drinks too much coffee (and beer) have finished most of it.  Please enjoy all the pictures. The write ups, captions, and names will soon follow.

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